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Suburbia, apartmentia, adapturbia

June 17, 2013

Charles Pickett
Are baby-boomers responsible for Sydney’s unaffordable housing? It’s becoming a common theme of the property media with story headings like 'Boomers put super squeeze on first home buyers’.

Oceans, data, and climate change: Sea Robots

February 8, 2011

Erika Taylor
Attention data nerds and science geeks, you will love this object. This is what is known as an Argo float (I prefer the term sea robot), the picture doesn’t give you a sense of scale but the whole unit is about 6 feet tall.

Old objects new ideas: volcanoes and climate change

February 1, 2011

Erika Taylor
This inconspicuous lump of rock is actually a piece of lava from Mt. Vesuvius, Italy. It is one of the Museum’s earliest collected objects, having been purchased in 1886 in New York. It was probably no more that a curiosity back then, yet it has been incredibly valuable for us to use in discussing contemporary issues.

Does the idea of a hydrogen economy make your hair curl?

October 22, 2010

Debbie Rudder
Imagine lighting up this little mains-connected gas heater to warm your hair-curling tongs, or pressing your clothes with your iron connected to a gas outlet rather than a power point. And imagine that one of the major constituents of the gas is hydrogen.

Beneath the Streets: the Tank Stream

September 27, 2010

Erika Taylor
The object above is actually part of the Tank Stream sewer, and surprisingly one of the most significant objects in our collection. The Tank Stream started as an actual naturally occurring water source and was one of Governor Philip's formative reasons for choosing the site for the Colony's first settlement in 1788.