Inside the Collection

Tag: hobbies

This Little Radio

June 19, 2018

Karolina Novak
A small showcase on Level 1 at the Museum shares the story of a very special little radio. Earlier this year, Red Room Company invited MAAS to contribute an object from the museum collection to the learning resource and workshop program of Poetry Object 2018.

Wilhelmina’s crafty miniature wax cows

December 16, 2013

Margaret Simpson
I know I've said this before but our collection continues to amaze me with its countless curious and bizarre objects. An example of this is the three intricate miniature model cows made of beeswax and calf hair.

Holiday activities – scrapbooks

January 2, 2013

Margaret Simpson
When I was a child after the Christmas tree and festive paraphernalia had been packed away in January I would make a scrapbook from the Christmas cards. At first they were just pasted in “willy nilly”.