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museum registration

Meet the Registrar: Karen Biddle

July 10, 2019

Sarah Reeves
Name: Karen Biddle Role: Registrar / Collection Database Administrator What is the main focus of your role at MAAS? My main focus is the MAAS collection database (called 'EMu'), for which I manage user group permissions, report design, QA work, large data queries and exports, periodic statistics, and providing training/support to users for everyday usage queries.

Storing a collection of 500,000 objects

January 17, 2018

Sarah Reeves
The MAAS collection contains an estimated 500 000 objects. These objects are routinely moved around the Museum as they are taken on and off display, undergo conservation work, are photographed for publications, or even loaned to other museums and institutions across Australia and internationally.

A railway carriage, 417 parts and a Museum cataloguer

August 27, 2010

Rebecca Evans
Here in the Registration department we encounter many challenges working with such a varied and vast museum collection. Recently I completed cataloguing one of the largest objects in the collection; the Governor General’s Railway Carriage.

‘Inspired!’ exhibition dismantle

August 15, 2010

Alison Brennan
To inspire someone is to "fill them with the urge to do or feel something, especially to do something creative". The Inspired! design across time gallery has most definitely encompassed this definition as described in the Oxford dictionary.