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September 28, 2012

Geoff Barker
While doing research on the Bullard postcard collection held by the Museum I came across the following wonderful piece on the impact of the Picture Postcard as a cultural and technological innovation.

Australian Pictorial Postcards

February 29, 2012

Geoff Barker
'In these degenerate days of postcards and typewriters letter writing has become for many almost a lost art and Lord Chesterfield’s ‘Letters to His Son’ would probably nowadays be dictated to a shorthand writer transcribed on a billboard and sent through the post …' The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 January 1895.

Vulgarity kills the Valentine’s Day card

February 14, 2012

Geoff Barker
If you have just sent a picture postcard to someone for Valentine’s Day you may, or may not, be aware you are part of a tradition stretching back over one hundred years. Picture postcards first appeared around 1869 and from then on the ‘Valentines Day’ card, I thought, had been a yearly success story for the commercial printer.

That time of year

December 21, 2010

Sarah Jane Wick
In case you hadn’t noticed Christmas is upon us once again! The Museum's collection is not without festive cheer, 1032 objects have ‘Christmas’ in the tile. Christmas is the one time of the year people send cards all around the world all for the same purpose; check out some of the Museum's amazing Christmas cards below Some cards to sent to the relies overseas who believe that Kangaroos roam the streets even at Christmas or a casual reminder that we celebrate Christmas without snow.