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Public transport

Sydney’s public transport – Ferries

May 29, 2013

Margaret Simpson
  The ferries of Sydney are as synonymous to tourists and locals alike as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Ferries provided Sydney with its earliest public transport system. Over 20 years before steam railways began here in 1855, Sydney was using steam ferries to carry passengers, goods, vehicles and livestock across and around the harbour.

Sydney’s double deck buses are back

September 3, 2012

Margaret Simpson
The NSW Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian, announced on 23 August 2012 that double deck buses are back on Sydney's street for a trial. How did this all begin? The first private motor omnibus licence was issued on 21 April 1907 by Warringah Council to John Williams for his motor bus service from Manly to Pittwater.

Solving Traffic Congestion in 1634

May 7, 2012

Lynne McNairn
Traffic congestion in a big city like Sydney is never far from the headlines and for those of us who need to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge it is a daily reality. But traffic congestion in cities is nothing new.