Inside the Collection


Hanging Dick Smith’s helicopter

February 24, 2014

Kate Chidlow
The King’s School at Parramatta in Sydney, has recently completed a new Innovation building. The domed foyer in the building was specifically designed to exhibit large science objects. The King’s School approached the Powerhouse Museum to formally request a loan of an object from the Museum’s collection and Dick Smith’s helicopter, donated to the Museum in 1990, is the first object to be displayed in the new building.

Barbie and Ken Fly Qantas

November 29, 2010

Geoff Barker
John Willmott Potts joined the catering section Qantas in 1964 and served in a number of postings in Mauritius, Papua New Guinea and the Cocos Islands. In 1974 he was posted in Darwin when cyclone Tracy hit and after this he returned to Sydney and completed his Flight Steward training.