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Mystery object- archaeology

May 21, 2010

Melanie Pitkin
It's only fitting that during National Archaeology Week we should have, as our mystery object, an actual archaeological find. This artefact is made of kaolin and it measures 36mm length x 20mm width.

Excavating at Sydney Observatory

May 17, 2010

Melanie Pitkin
May 16-22 marks National Archaeology Week. To recognise this, we have developed a small display of archaeological finds at the Powerhouse Museum (on show now - late July) and another display in the Signal Station on site at Sydney Observatory (May 29-30).

Meet the curator- Nick Lomb

September 29, 2009

Nick Lomb
Name Dr Nick Lomb (retired December 2009) What is your speciality area? By training I am an astronomer, but my full official title is curator of astronomy, timekeeping, navigation, meteorology, surveying and the history of Sydney Observatory.