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Calling Volunteer Short Filmmakers

21st September to 1st December 2019: Volunteer Filmmakers / videographers / editors wanted

This is an opportunity for individuals with existing film-making skills, to gain experience filming in a live Museum setting to create 1 to 3-minute video vignettes showcasing the work of the Museum’s volunteers.

Upbeat and light-hearted, the videos will capture the spirit of volunteering at the Museum through the volunteers’ personal accounts of their work. You’ll conduct a “to camera” interview with your volunteer subject and use this interview as the base of your film about them.

The finished video vignettes will be shared at internal Museum events, through Social Media and Museum newsletters – helping to celebrate the diversity of the Museum’s volunteers, their skills, their passion and their reasons for contributing their time and energy at MAAS.

Important Dates

Attendance at ONE of the information/orientation sessions below is essential:

Saturday 21 OR Sunday 22 September – 11am to 1pm

Please apply via the online application form here.


Volunteer at the Discovery Centre in Castle Hill

The Discovery Centre provides a world-standard museum storage and collection care facility that is publicly accessible to diverse audiences through a range of public and education programs. The annual MDC Program aims to encourage inclusion, participation and partnership with both the local and broader community. It includes ‘open day’ events, collection store tours, educational programs and workshops, and community engagement programs. The MDC Program is delivered as part of a collaborative, ‘whole of site’ approach with the Programs, Visitor Services and Volunteers teams.

The public facing team at the MDC consists of a Visitor Experience Coordinator supported by a small group of Visitor Hosts. Educators and other staff , while not based on-site, also support and assist this team to deliver a diverse range of education and public program activities as part of a holistic visitor experience.

Volunteers play an important role at the Museum Discovery Centre by contributing to the creation of a lively, welcoming, interactive public environment. Volunteers encourage and foster visitor interaction by starting conversations and sharing stories with visitors about objects, co-delivering tours and facilitating hands-on activities.

Please apply by the online application form here.


Behind the Scenes Volunteers

Behind the Scenes volunteers support staff in work that happens outside the public areas of the museum in a wide range of departments including: Education and Visitor Services, Curatorial, Registration, Conservation and IT.

Please note: Positions in Behind the Scenes departments are limited and are first made available to our existing pool of volunteers and are then advertised here.