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Curriculum-linked, on-demand learning resources for teachers, learners and parents across design, technology and science disciplines.


Making Activities with artist Rosie Deacon

Inspired by recent and extreme climate events, Powerhouse Creative Industries Resident Rosie Deacon has curated activity sheets and a demonstration video to create art at home.

Suitable for all ages


A selection of outstanding major projects from the HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, and Textiles and Design courses. Go on a video walkthrough of the exhibition and discover inspirational stories from workshop artists Joe Westbury and Lauren Volk, designer Zara Pasfield and collaborators Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson.

Suitable for Stage 6 students


Watch this video workshop featuring Red Room Poetry presenter Sara Saleh and Powerhouse Curator Campbell Bickerstaff exploring the sensational context of objects. Students will learn how to write their own object-inspired poetry and are encouraged to submit an entry to this year’s Red Room Poetry Object Competition.

Suitable for Stage 3–5 students


Focused on one of the Powerhouse’s most unique pieces; the humble household Tyre Swan, students are encouraged to use this learning resource to identify the time, place and cultural significance of objects.

Suitable for Stage 3 & 4 students

Collection Set – I Prefer Talking to Doctors About Something Else

Incorporating and disorganising objects from the Museum’s collection such as satellites, anatomical models and textiles, artists Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian make a sweeping arc across the themes of grief, the body and healing.

Suitable for all ages


ThinkerShield for coding

The ThinkerShield for Arduino gets you coding for the real world in minutes. You’ll be making things flash, buzz, beep and respond in no time, even if you’ve never coded before. It is a perfect platform for classroom STEAM with an online community full of activities created by students and teachers. Need some setup support? Send us an email.

Suitable for Stage 4 students

Collection Set – Australian inventions and innovations

collection set rich with examples of Australian creativity and ingenuity that have had a real impact on our modern lives. Featuring the now mandatory and locally invented ‘black box’ aviation flight recorder.

Suitable for all ages



Sydney Observatory’s Astronomy resources page provides a uniquely Australian perspective on monthly patterns in the sky, phases of the Moon and topical astronomical subjects. It also gives the public a forum to report unusual sights in the sky and seek astronomy advice from Museum experts.

Suitable for all ages

Collection Set – Solar System

Our fascination with the Sun, Moon and planets stretches back to ancient civilisations and spans many cultures. This set includes cultural, technological and historical objects from the Museum collection.

Suitable for all ages

Collection Sets – HSC

Textiles and Design

The objects included in this set have been chosen for their creative styling, use of innovative textile manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Suitable for Stage 6 students

Industrial Technology

Can be used as a resource for design research and idea development when producing the portfolio for the major project.

Suitable for Stage 6 students

Design and Technology

These objects were chosen for their innovative approach, and creative use of technology and problem-solving.

Suitable for Stage 6 students