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Children with ThinkerShield.

ThinkerShield —

The ThinkerShield for Arduino is the Museum’s very own, very cool physical computing board for Arduino programming. Great fun and great for STEM education.

Go to the ThinkerShield site for free downloads, resources and to purchase your kit online.

Unity – Building Games At Home

To continue building and playing your Unity games at home, you may need to install some extra pieces of software.

  • Unity is free to download for all platforms. If you plan to deploy your game to Android or iOS, make sure to select the packages during the install process.
  • Deploying to Android is easy with Unity, once a few pieces of software are installed. Simply follow the steps outlined here.
  • Deploying to iOS can be a little more complicated, as it requires a Mac running OSX, and a valid Apple ID. Follow the steps outlined here.

Minecraft Python – The Next Steps

We often get asked about the next steps at the end of a Minecraft Modding with Python workshop and how to continue at home. Look no further, we have advice and help for those looking to expand their skills:

  • Python is free to download, including the compiler and IDLE interpreter. The site also includes tutorials and documentation.
  • Codecademy is a free and fun site to interactively learn code in a variety of languages (including Python) at your own pace. There is also hour of code, a fantastic first step in coding with no experience needed.
  • Mojang have released an API (Application Programming Interface) to allow coding of Minecraft using Python. To find out how it is used on the Raspberry Pi have a look at the official Minecraft Pi site.
  • Codeamine gives good instructions on how to create a PC setup for Python. This includes setting up a Bukkit server and downloading the Raspberry Juice plugin.

Scratch (MIT) account

Before your Scratch workshop, its important to sign up for an account and bring your login details with you on the day or your workshop. See the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for your own account:

Archived Resources

A collection of archived teacher’s resources including exhibition notes is available here.

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