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Thinking about STEAM? Think ThinkerShield

ThinkerShield is the simplest, most reliable way to get started in the exciting world of physical computing. The ThinkerShield is a classroom‑ready tool for STEM and STEAM education.

Its ease of use, robust construction, accessible documentation and variety of onboard components, make it a flexible resource for students at all stages of schooling to engage with professional-standard coding.

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Western Sydney Coding Club

The Western Sydney Coding Club (WSCC) is an initiative to support learners and teachers in Western Sydney with creative STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) learning in the classroom.  All schools with a Western Sydney postcode are eligible to join the Western Sydney Coding Club. Sign up to receive free training and classroom resources, including the MAAS Thinkershield classroom kits; the simplest and most reliable way to get started with physical computing.

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Sets Up in Minutes — Creates Hours of Fun and Learning

Quick and easy setup

ThinkerShield connects directly to an Arduino board. No wiring. No soldering. Connects to your computer via USB.

Easy-to-follow guide

Fun 60 page guide and code for 18 activities. Ages 8 and up. No coding or electronics experience necessary.

Girl using ThinkerShield.“I hadn’t programmed anything before, but I worked out how to get the LEDs and the buzzer working almost straight away. It’s pretty easy. I like it.”

— Steph, first time ThinkerShielder

Want to Get on With it Right Now?

Buy a ThinkerShield

ThinkerShield is a truly fun way to get started with physical computing. If you already have an Arduino board, just get a Shield. If you need everything, try one of our ThinkerShield All-in-one Coding Kits. Buy now

Book a workshop

The Museum runs school, weekend and holiday workshops that introduce the creative possibilities of electronics and programming using the ThinkerShield as the gateway. View workshops


The ThinkerShield has a fantastic array of onboard components to make it easy for you to get on with making things flash, buzz, switch and respond — even all at once! Then when you are ready to go further you can connect to the ThinkerShield’s 8 external connectors.


Students using ThinkerShield with guide book“The ThinkerShield is very versatile for my classes. Inexperienced students can get straight into the coding without any problems and the external connectors are great for advanced students to do more complex, self-driven projects.”

— ITC Teacher

ThinkerShield for STEM education

Students coding the ThinkerShield

The ThinkerShield is a superlative classroom-ready tool for STEM education. It’s ease of use, accessible documentation, robust construction and variety of onboard components make it a flexible resource for young people at all stages of schooling. Begin with simple activities to learn the basic coding skills and syntax — easily completing several activities in a single lesson. Progress to more complex projects using all of the onboard components in a variety of combinations to make real things that mimic real applications. Encourage students to take on wider experimentation and physical computing projects using the external connectors. Use the ThinkerShield as a resource for project based learning or advanced Arduino based applications.

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“Wow love the @maasmuseum Thinker Shield Arduino Resources … the time for Physical computing is now!”

Joachim Cohen

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