• Difference Engine No 1, designed by Charles Babbage, England, 1822-1879, MAAS collection, 96/203/1


Thinkspace is our digital learning centre, located at the Powerhouse Museum. We offer learn-by-making workshops in applied arts and sciences. Programs are for young people (on holidays or at school), families, adults, teachers, professionals, and people with a disability.

Guided by experts, Thinkspace learning experiences are engaging, interactive and 100% hands-on. Thinkspace: using playful cleverness to achieve a goal.

Primary and Secondary School Programs

Thinkspace school programs are run Monday through Friday during school terms. They cost $100 per 10 students and can be booked via the Learn page of our website. Email learn@maas.museum for any special requests or enquires about previous programs.

Minecraft Camera Images

During the September holidays there is an opportunity to use our special green screen camera to put yourself in the Minecraft world. Images can be downloaded 25th, 26th27th30th September and 1st, 2nd3rd, 4th October. Please note for photos from the 28th and 29th September are in the 27th and 30th folder due to timestamp issues.


To book a Thinkspace space please contact us with your requirements. Thinkspace has 2 labs and a fully featured broadcast studio.


For more information or to contact Thinkspace, phone +61 (02) 9217 0222 or email learn@maas.museum.