Powerhouse Parramatta

Powerhouse Parramatta is the largest investment in cultural infrastructure since the Sydney Opera House and will be the first NSW State Cultural Institution to call Western Sydney home. Featuring over 18,000 square metres of museum exhibition and public spaces, Powerhouse Parramatta will deliver dynamic exhibition, education and community programs that will attract over 2 million visitors in its first year.

Project status

A major milestone has been reached as Powerhouse Parramatta receives the green light to move into the delivery phase with the approval of the State Significant Development Application. Powerhouse Parramatta will be delivered in two stages:

Stage one – Early work

  • Site establishment and investigation work.
  • Service and utility work.
  • Demolition of the Riverbank car park and other buildings within the site.
  • Careful deconstruction of Willow Grove (in line with the project’s conditions of consent, no work will commence on the deconstruction of Willow Grove until a Relocation Framework and Methodology Plan for the process of site selection, consultation and deconstruction has been developed).

Stage two – Major construction work

  • Construction work to deliver the new Powerhouse Parramatta including:
  • Bulk excavation and earthworks.
  • Piling work.
  • Construction of new buildings.
  • Construction of the new public domain and landscaping.

More information about the project is available on Infrastructure NSW’s website.

Community engagement has been ongoing as part of the planning process. More information is available here.