Backyard Stonehenge

The real Stonehenge

Q. Do you know of anywhere i can get details of the Solar and Lunar azimuth angles from Sydney?

As i would like to make a model Stonehenge for the backyard.
But of cause I can’t use the original layout, being in a different lat. and Long and hemisphere.
i would like it to work for me here in Sydney.

If not I will have to get up very early for the next 6 months to take a bearing from a handheld compass, not too acurate.

A. Bulding a model of Stonehenge in your backyard sounds like a fun project.

The details of the azimuth angles are as follows:

* at the winter solstice the Sun rises 62 degrees east of true north
* at the summer solstice the Sun rises 119 degrees east of true north
* during a year of a major lunar standstill the range of moonrise azimuth is 55 to 125
degrees east of true north
* during a year of a minor lunar standstill the range of moonrise azimuth is 68 to 112
degrees east of true north

Sunset and moonset azimuths are symmetrical with respect to true north

3 responses to “Backyard Stonehenge

  • Ed Whitson
    Aug 22nd, 2008 at 9:52 am

    (STONEHENGE), I too wish the same information, except for (Worley Idaho) +47 degrees 42 minutes 26.14 seconds latitude, -116 degrees 47 minutes 9.31 seconds longitude. I am building a 2/3 Stonehenge on my property. I am also trying to find out where True North passes through the real Stonehenge. What numbered stones or in the case of a window, what four numbered stones? Any help would be appreciated. If the Solstices are not practical, I really do need the True North coordinates. Thank you, Ed Whitson ewhitson@otnusa.com

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