Double event at the Observatory

On Monday 7 August from 6:30 pm there will be a double event at Sydney Observatory.

First there will be the opening of a spectacular photographic display. This is from the 2006 “David Malin” Awards that was held during the CWAS Astrofest in July.

The Overall Winner of the Awards was Peter Ward for his picture titled; “Eclipse Sequence”. The category winners were:

Zac Pujic – Amateur: Solar System
Gary Hill – Amateur: Wide-Field
Michael Sidonio – Amateur: Deep Sky
Eddie Trimarchi – Semi-Pro: Deep Sky
Peter Ward – Semi-Pro: Solar System

Canon Australia was the major supporter of the Awards with prizes to the value of $5,000 donated.

The photo shows all the winners with world renowned astrophotographer Dr David Malin (in the blue shirt). Courtesy John Sarkissian.

The exhibition opening will be followed by an interesting talk at a meeting of the Sydney City Skywatchers. The speaker is Dave Gault from the Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group. He will be talking about “What’s it like to be an Umbra-Holic”:

Astronomers have been timing lunar occultations for years, trying to refine knowledge of the moon and the stars beyond. New techniques and equipment are within easy reach of the Amateur Astronomer that is revitalising the study of all types of occultations.

Using an ‘ordinary’ telescope, with a sensitive video camera, a GPS time inserter, free software and a ‘personal occulting disk’ the amateur can resolve double stars beyond the Dawes Limit. A team of like minded amateurs can measure the profile of an asteroid to a precision surpassing huge telescopes like KECK or Gemini. That’s where we are now.

Where are we going? Faster and more sensitive cameras, greater precision and the goal of measuring a chord across a Kupier Belt Asteroid beyond Pluto.

All welcome. There will be a charge of $2 for supper after the Skywatchers talk.

4 responses to “Double event at the Observatory

  • Controversy at an Astro-Photo contest? What next, rough tackling at lawn bowls !?

    Phil…who did not have the nerve to leave his real name or email address…also probably believes in faces on Mars, UFO’s that make crop circles when they land, the moon landings were staged and there are faires at the bottom of his garden.

    While I am humbled to be in the winners circle again in 2006, 10% inspiration (provided in the form: AAO image by David Malin) and 90% perspiration is what it takes.
    Goodness…perhaps Phil is right! I’ve just realised the judges have influnenced the contestants !!!

    But enough negativity!

    I cordially invite those who are interestred to come down to Sydney Observatory and judge for themselves.

    The Powerhouse Museum have done a splendid job in mounting and framing images submitted to the CWAS from all around Australia. It really is quite a show. Gosh, even some of my images now look, well, semi-professional!

    You can’t complain about the price: it’s free!…unless, perhaps, your name is Phil…

  • In addition to being nasty, Phil is factually wrong. This year’s “David Malin Awards” winners included several photographers who did not enter last year. Steve Crouch was not a winner in last year’s competition as Phil falsely states. This year, Steve was awarded two Honorable Mentions for his excellent and outstanding photographs. Well done, Steve. In addition, Gary Hill and Zac Pujic were first time category winners for their outstanding work – congratulations. To put down the work of these talented individuals, as indeed of all the entrants, is the disgusting thing.

    For the past three years, amateur and semi-professional astrophotoghers from across Australia were invited to enter their work for consideration in the prestigious “David Malin Awards”. Dr David Malin judged the entires without him being aware of the identity of the entrants. He judged the works on their merits and the winners can be justifiably proud of their achievements. In short, you have to be in it to win it as they say. The success of the awards, and of the associated exhibition, speaks for itself.

    The intention of the CWAS in mounting the competition and exhibition is to encourage and promote the talent and skill of Australia’s astrophotographers to a wider audience. Dr David Malin has lent his good name and high integrity to the awards, for which we are immensley honoured.

    What has Phil done?

  • I am appalled and disgusted by the mean-spirited veniality this comment.

    I have gone to great lengths to maintain the integrity of my
    reputation and that of the CWAS in everything that has been done in
    connection with with the Astrofest and the David Malin Awards. I have
    no connection with or knowledge of the entrants to this competition
    before it is judged but, as you might expect, I meet them after the
    event and am very pleased to do so. If anyone has won more than once
    it is entirely on their merits, as judged be me without knowledge of
    the identitiy of any of the entrants.

    If Phil has a shred of evidence to indicate that the competition is in
    any way a setup, fixed, fraudulant or underhand in any way I beg of
    him to present it, privately or publicly. This kind of anonymous
    carping diminishes everyone involved, not just me. There’s enough
    provocative, blinkered, tiny-minded nastiness in the world without
    this sort of nonesense, and I hope Phil has the decency to apologise,
    or enter the competition and have his work judged anonymously, like
    everyone else.

    Dr David Malin

  • Hmmmm….CWAS Astrofest? Does this actually stand for Crouch, Ward And Sidonio Astrofest?
    Because, exactly the same people who won last year, won this year.

    If you think this motivates other people to submit their images, then you are mistaken.

    Clearly, this is a disgusting fix.

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