Weather clears for a great Festival

Sydney Observatory’s annual Festival of the Stars was held this weekend on Friday (21 July) and Saturday (22 July). The weather forecast was gloomy and sure enough there was lots of cloud for the Friday evening. However, it cleared for the Saturday evening and many hundreds of visitors had a great time looking through numerous telescopes and enjoying the numerous other activities such as the ghost tour, the 3-D theatre, short talks, the CSIRO Science show and much else.

Waiting Friday evening

Waiting for the rain to stop on the Friday evening by the large 67-cm telescope.

Queuing on Saturday

What a difference a day makes! Queuing for the same telescope on the Saturday evening.

North Sydney

A number of buildings and structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the Westpac barometer were kindly turned off to give visitors a better view of the sky during the Festival. As can be seen on the image of North Sydney though many organisations still need to be convinced to be more considerate both of stargazers and the environment. Note that strangely a number of buildings including some on this image had promised to switch off their lights but did not.

CSIRO Science Show_Saturday

The CSIRO Science Show: starting an exciting demonstration in front of a spellbound audience of children.

The Sydney Skywatchers stall

Browsing one of the stalls – the Sydney City Skywatchers stall.

One response to “Weather clears for a great Festival

  • hi!
    i went to the festival of the stars on saturday night, it was great! My favourite costellation was on display (the jewel box) and jupiter was looking good! i could even see the faint lines of storms across jupiter.

    well thanks for a great night
    PS if the official photographer sees a photo of a girl in a blue jacket that was me trying to jump in!

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