Fireball over Bega

Carolyn reports a fireball in the Bega area:

Aug 5th, 2006 at 9:00 pm

Hi we have just witnessed what looked like a huge fireball coming across the sky we live in the Bega Area the time is now 8.55pm we took video of the fireball. Has anyone else witnessed this also. We have witnessed the same object on another occassion at 4.00am last saturday. Thanks

Carolyn – can you please supply more details, such as how long did you see it for, was the sky clear, did you see other objects in the sky such as the moon and Jupiter, which direction were you looking, what direction was it moving, how far in degrees was it above the horizon, etc. As a guide a hand with spread fingers at arm’s length subtends an angle of 22°. Also note that if you were seeing a fireball and not a plane, the moon or a prank balloon then it could NOT have been the same object last Saturday in the early morning.

If you send a still from your video I can put up the picture with this post.

Did anyone else see it?

Further comments 8 August 2006:

Carolyn thanks for the further information and the video. As you and Daryl saw the object for many minutes it was not an astronomical object – a fireball is a small piece of rock hitting the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed and we see it for a few seconds as it burns up. From the video this seems to have been something burning hanging from a lit balloon drifting in the atmosphere. There could be other explanations, but my guess is that it was a childish prank.

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  • Am surprised no one has see this phenomon recently. Maybe it was a missile test…or maybe….we are just the few…watch this space!

  • Thanks Nick….like I said I did check to find out if they were special aircraft but no such luck…the fireball I saw was moving very quickly but not as fast as a shooting star so was faster than a plane…all very odd basically. I note though that no more have been recently seen. Cheers Sharon

  • Hello Sharon. The reports above seem to be made up of a mixture of prank sightings, high flying aircraft and possible real fireballs. It can be hard to tell from the descriptions. Note that such reports are now on the REPORT YOUR SIGHTINGS page of this blog – click banner on the top right of this page.

  • Hi…this is the same Sharon from August…I have read all the other responses and it’s mighty strange that no one from any authority has responded to our sightings. I know what I saw and it was very much the same as everyone elses…when is anyone going to explain what the hell these are! Baffled!

  • Evening around 9:00-9:30 Friday 26th Jan 2007 : Large fireball in sky with huge roar and very low was observerd …
    it was so loud and close that it sparked the car alarms!!!
    Myself and my neighbours watched it over the sky in Sydney city near the hide park..
    Did not find any news or metion in web…
    did any other area ppl see it ????

    What was it ?? Asteriod ?? Plane ???


  • Yesterday just at dusk we saw what looked like a huge fireball heading towards the earth west of Shellharbour. It was slow moving and we watched it for at least 5 minutes. It was originally one streak in the sky but then split into two with the smaller one above. Any ideas as to what this was? Thanks.

  • Yes, a friend and I saw this fireball last night too, from the Watsons Bay area of Sydney…it was MASSIVE and birght yellow-red and it had a tail when i first saw it! it looked like it came from Nth Sydney and shot up into the sky over the harbour bridge and burnt out, then burnt bright again then went to a star sized light and then all together disappeared…what on earth could this be???…me and my friend were a little freaked! it was very noisy too similar to the distant rumble of an aeroplane flying overhead…Any answers?

  • From Birrong huge and slow moving over Yagoona for a good 10 minutes, The sound was very loud. Then the fireball shot off to the right heading upwards at an angle. After a while the fireball went out, came back for a couple of seconds then went out again. By this time it was very high in a matter of 8-10 seconds, I may have seen a blue / red revolving type light where the fireball dissapeared but can’t be sure. If it is a plane, surely it would stall moving that slow?

  • Hi Jeff, I saw last night fireball over Lidcombe-Berala areas. It was huge. Can somebody explain this? It’s not defenitely meteor.

  • I have just seen a fireball as described by Sharon kelly at approximately 2120hrs passing overhead at Bondi / Tamaramma travelling in South by South Easterly direction at an altitude of around 500 – 1000 feet.
    I watched as it travelled out to see at a fairly regular speed I would estimate at around 60 -70 K.P.H. there was no noise associated with it and although it held a course on the NNW – SSE it did appear to fluctuate slightly.

    it was definitely not a helicopter a certainly not the afterburn of a military aircraft. it was too low and too slow to be a meteor

    It would seem to me that if this is some kind of prank as suggested it is very widespread .
    If anyone has the answer I would also love to know what this was.

    Mark Norris

  • On Monday 7th August at about 7pm I too saw a fireball in the sky just over Waterloo/Redfern. I thought it was a shooting star at first but it was too low and too big. It took me by surprise because I was in the inner city. I thought it was perhaps an airforce jet doing some kind of exercise although it was moving very fast although not as fast as a shooting star. It was travelling in a West to East direction. I called 702 Radio news to see if they’d been advised by the RAF whether something was taking place over the city but they said no. They recorded what I saw and said they’d get back to me if anyone else called in, but they didn’t. It sounds like I saw the same thing as everyone else but on a different date…Would love to know what it was.

  • Yeah hi we seen the same thing the previous night in Albury around the same time of 9 oclock i also got some footage of it aswell.
    tried calling a few radio station to see if anyon else had seen it.
    looked like a meteor, we had our telescope out and the boys were quick enought to get a quick glimpse of it and they seen that it had a tail.
    I will ask my hubby about directions etc and post back again.

  • Hi

    My husband, friend and I witnessed orange/white ball of light travelling possibly north last night, Sat 19th August. We originally thought it was a falling star, until we realised it was too close, bright and large for a falling star. It was over Mona Vale – only lasted seconds (we sighted it from in the open garage, so only saw the trailing end, where it dissapeared – once again similar to a falling star).

    It would be great to hear of any explanations. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    I witnessed something like this in the early hours of this morning.
    At around 3 am August 16, I saw a fireball streak across the sky for approximately half a secon before it disappeared behind trees.
    It was in the east. I saw it through the window of my Sydney home as I was reading. When I looked to investigate, I could still see the smoke it had left behind. It was brownish, and I think there where two plumes, but I’m not sure… It was really bright as it streaked across the sky. If you’re interested I spoke a little more about it on my blog http://idlingchris.blogspot.com , but nothing much more than I’ve said here. I’m not sure if it had been burning across the whole sky, but I saw a section probably about 20 degrees long, in the east. It looked like it was burning straight down. So its trajectory was probably west-east. That’s all I can say…

    Did anybody see this? I’ve been scouring the news sites for something about this event, but haven’t found anything… This is the first site I’ve come across mentioning anything remotely similar (albeit on a different date!)

    I’d be happy to hear from you and your explanations if you have any… Thanks!

  • that sounds facinating. Did you see it again on the 12th August in a Nth West direction?. I, my wife and two sons witnessed an object over the Bankstown region that glowed yellow, then red underneath, then late a blue colour. It traversed in a Northerly direction, then proceeded nth west, then headed sth west. The whole show lasting about 15mins. Any ideas?.

  • Hi in reply to the last email

    There were five people witnessing what we we assumed to be a fireball. We observed it over a period of 10 minutes the sky was completely clear and we could see other stars behind the object. It definately looked to be on fire and was not a plane or a helicopter. As we always c the helicopter coming in to the hospital and we couldnt hear any sound we are sure that it wasnt the helicopter because it comes in very low over our house.

    As far as location in the sky it started out at 20 to 30 degrees in the sky and ended up above our heads and out of sight in a north westerly direction.
    I will send the video in an email seperately. Thanks

  • We also saw the fireball as it went directly over our house,

    It looked to be about a kilometer high in the sky and my father thought he saw a parachute attached,

    I didn’t get any photographs though, and it quickly moved across the sky towards Bermagui,

    All up we watched it for about 5-8 minutes until it got well out of sight.

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