Winning sky photos exhibition opens

Peter Ward, Chris Toohey and David Malin

The overall winner of the 2006 David Malin Awards Peter Ward flanked by Bishop Christopher Toohey (CWAS President) and Dr David Malin

The “Winning sky photos: the David Malin Awards” exhibition opened last night at Sydney Observatory. An appreciative audience heard Dr David Malin, the renowned astronomical photographer, open the exhibition with a brief reply by Bishop Christopher Toohey, the presisent of Central West Astronomical Society that organises the annual awards. Afterwards the audience admired the photos.

It is worth having a look at the exhibition as the images are spectacular and the exhibition as with the other exhibits at Sydney Observatory is free. The exhibition is at the Observatory until 15 October 2006 when it moves to Mt Stromlo Observatory in Canberra.

A few pictures of the opening are below. Images of the winning photos are here.

David Malin

Dr David Malin introduces the exhibition. Behind him are some of the earliest photographs of the southern sky. They were taken by the the Government Astronomer at Sydney Observatory, Henry Chamberlain Russell, in 1890

Chris Toohey

Bishop Christopher Toohey replies to Dr Malin


Part of the audience at the opening

Admiring the photos

Admiring the photos

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