The travelling astronomer in Prague 1

Prague astronomical clock

The Prague astronomical clock at 2 pm

I arrived in Prague today to attend a major international gathering of astronomers. This is the three yearly General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, the last one one of which was held in Sydney in 2003. This one should be great with over 2500 astronomers expected. One result that is to come out of the conference is a decision on the definition of what is a planet – with obvious implications for the status of Pluto.

Although I am starting to feel the effects of jet lag this afternoon I walked all over the town including a view of the famous astronomical clock. I saw its performance at 2 pm and it was especially interesting to me in comparison with our own Strasburg clock model at the Powerhouse Museum. I expect to write more on the clock after a tour on the weekend.

One response to “The travelling astronomer in Prague 1

  • Nick,

    That other astronomical clock looks very impressive indeed.

    Get as much info. as you can, and we’ll compare it with S.C.



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