The travelling astronomer in Prague 4

Kepler Tycho Brahe statue

Statue of Kepler & Tycho Brahe

The travelling astronomer has sore feet after climbing up and down in Prague’s castle district in the footsteps of these two famous 16th/17th centuryastronomers. This statue was erected in 1984 near the site where Tycho lived at one stage in Prague.

Tycho was an observational astronomer who accumulated lots of data on the positions of stars and planets. He died a few days after a banquet held on 13 October 1601 at which he acquired a bladder infection.

Tycho's tomb

Tycho’s tomb

Tycho was buried in Tyn Church. Engraved on the plaque next to his tomb is in Latin: “Neither power nor wealth, only Art and Science will persist.”

Kepler's house

Kepler’s house

Johannes Kepler came to join Tycho in Prague. With Tycho’s observations Kepler was able to work out the laws of planetary motion. He published the first two in Astronomia Nova in 1609 while he was living in a house in Karlova St. Above is the plaque on the house.

Tomorrow the conference resumes and it is back to work for the travelling astronomer.

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