If you visit the website www.heavens-above.com and select your location, you can see predictions of when to look to the sky and see satellites, the International Space Station and Irridium flares like this one shown below.

What a wonderful way to spend a balmy Spring evening!



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  • on the morning of 05/06/2010 approx about 5.45am i looked out the window and thought it was the moon – it was a bright light that did not have any sound of a plane or helicopter nor appeared to be one- there was a spiralling vapour that came around this bright light. i checked 3 times and the spirals got more definitive. It travelled from west to east over bankstown airport. i do not know if there was a search light but it was weird and spooky. The reason i look out is because i have issues with squealing bats that keep me awake. Can you explain what i saw.

  • Love information provided for the space station. I live in Wodonga Vic and have seen it so many times. It is spectacular. I know exactly were to look . Thanks. Marg.

  • I live at Armidale on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales and am interested in viewing in particular the space station

    Regards Anthony

  • Like what?
    I’m just a first timer. first visit.

    dont know what to expect. or what to get?

    I’m looking for star atlas info if you can help with that it would be great.
    by for now John.

  • Hello ‘Heavens-above’…trying to track a Mr Bill Frost re recent article in Canberra Times re ‘Earth watch: the first 50 years’..
    Actually my brother and I and my husband were part of the original team that watched the Adelaide Moonwatch project…so just wanted to touch base with Bill Frost if possible..

    Perhaps you may be able to help re contact??

    Cheers Bronwen Davis.

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