Monty observes a prominence

Solar prominence 29Oct2006_Monty Leventhal

An active prominence on the eastern edge of the Sun. Image by Monty Leventhal

Active solar observer and member of the Sydney City Skywatchers , Monty Leventhal, reports viewing gases rising off the edge of the Sun. These gases are called a prominence and move under the influence of magnetic fields.

Monty observes with a special filter on his telescope that shows the Sun in a narrow colour emitted by hydrogen atoms. In ordinary white light the brightness of the rest of the Sun would overwhelm the faint light from the prominence.

Note that it is dangerous to look at the Sun without specialised knowledge and equipment.

Details of the image supplied by Monty:

Date:- 29-10-06
Time:- 21.25 UT
Telescope:- Meade 10″ 2500 mm f30
Filter:- DayStar T-scanner 6Å
Camera:- Canon 300D digital. (Supported by the Donovan Astronomical Trust, Sydney. Australia.)
Conditions:- Good

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