Explosion on the Sun

Flare on the Sun_Monty Leventhal

Flare on the Sun imaged by Monty Leventhal

There is one giant spot on the Sun, which is now near the middle of the Sun. On Sunday expert Sun observer and member of the Sydney City Skywatchers Monty Leventhal saw a brief explosion associated with it. On the picture above it is the bright tree-like region extending above the darkest part of the sunspot. Known as a flare, this is the result of the release of magnetic energy.

Details of the image are as follows:
Date:- 12-11-06
Time:- 21.40 U.T.
Telescope:- Meade 10″ F.2500
Filter:- DayStar T-Scanner, 6Å
Camera:- Olympus OM1
Film:- Kodak Tech Pan
Exposure:- 1/125th sec.
Conditions:- Bad

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