A large prominence on the Sun

Large prominence image by Monty Leventhal

Large prominence on the Sun, image by Monty Leventhal

Expert solar observer and member of the Sydney City Skywatchers Monty Leventhal has imaged a prominence or gas ejection from the visible surface of the Sun. Monty says that the prominence reached a height of approximately 140,000 km, which is more than ten times the width of the Earth. To take the image, Monty used a special red filter that looks at the Sun only in the light given off by hydrogen atoms. He took the image on Monday 27 November at 21:55 Universal Time or 8:55 am Tuesday morning Australian Eastern summer time.

On Monty’s image above sunspot 926 is visible. According to spaceweather.com a new strange circular spot sunspot 927 has just rotated into view. We look forward to Monty’s image of that sunspot.

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