A large prominence on the Sun

Large prominence_Monty Leventhal

Large prominence on the Sun, image by Monty Leventhal

Expert solar observer and member of the Sydney City Skywatchers Monty Leventhal has imaged a prominence or gas ejection from the visible surface of the Sun. Monty says that the prominence reached a height of approximately 140,000 km, which is more than ten times the width of the Earth. To take the image, Monty used a special red filter that looks at the Sun only in the light given off by hydrogen atoms. He took the image on Monday 27 November at 21:55 Universal Time or 8:55 am Tuesday morning Australian Eastern summer time.

On Monty’s image above sunspot 926 is visible. According to spaceweather.com a new strange circular spot sunspot 927 has just rotated into view. We look forward to Monty’s image of that sunspot.

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