The nearly full Moon

Nearly full moon on 4 December 2006, image by Ross Mitchell

Nearly full Moon on 4 December 2006, photo Ross Mitchell

Last night the Moon was nearly full and the Sydney City Skywatchers enjoyed their annual Christmas Party. Good company, good food and lots of astronomical discussion. As well, there were some astronomical observations including the photo above from Ross Mitchell.

On the picture the Sea of Tranquility where Neil Armstrong landed back in 1969 is on the right of centre. To its left is the round Mare Crisium or Sea of Crises. The prominent crater on the right is Tycho, a young crater that is 88 km wide and has high walls up about 5 km high.

Speakingly less technically, can you see a rabbit on the left hand side?

Ross gives the following details:

Monday 4-Dec-06 21:13 AEDT
Camera: Panasonic FZ20, (Leica lens) at 12x zoom (432mm equivalent) and digital zoom of 2.9
Exposure 1/125 at f5.6, ISO 80, handheld, manual focus.
Post processed in Photoshop: Cropped, Enhanced contrast using curves, resized and sharpened.

In this picture the Moon was low in the northern sky; 12 hrs 12 minutes before full and along the upper right edge of the disk the craters cast shadows.

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