Good bye to active sunspot

Sunspot 930 on 17 December2006 image by Monty Leventhal

Sunspot 930 about to disappear beyond the edge of the Sun, image Monty Leventhal

Over the last two weeks a large sunspot has been visible on the face of the Sun. It has just disappeared beyound the Sun’s western edge. Solar observer and member of the Sydney City Skywatchers Monty Leventhal has provided the image above of the spot on Sunday morning Australian time just before it disappeared.

The spot, designated number 930, has been surprisingly active. It created a number of spectacular flares or explosions during its time on the visible face of the Sun. The picture below taken in the ultraviolet from the SOHO spacecraft shows a flare at the site of the spot on 13 December 2006.

Flare on Sun in UV_SOHO image

The flare on 13 December 2006 imaged in ultraviolet light by the SOHO spacecraft, courtesy SOHO

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