Partial moon eclipse from WA

Partial moon eclipse 17 October 2005 by Nick Lomb

Partial eclipse of the moon on 17 October 2005, image Nick Lomb

A total eclipse of the Moon will be visible this weekend from Europe and Africa. From Australia it will be seen as a partial eclipse, but only from Western Australia. In the eastern states the Moon will set before the beginning of the eclipse.

Western Australians can see the eclipse on the morning of Sunday 4 March 2007. The Moon starts moving into the Earth’s shadow at 6:30 am Western summer time, but it will set before it is fully immersed. As seen from Perth the Moon will set at 7:09 am Western summer time.

If you live to the east of WA do not be too envious. You will get a chance to see a full total eclipse of the Moon on the evening of Tuesday 28 August 2007. Not long to go. Stay tuned for details.

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