A close miss expected in 2029

The close miss of asteroid 99942 Apophis in 1929, image by JPL

The close miss of asteroid 99942 Apophis in 1929, courtesy JPL

Naomi asked:

i heard about an asteroid that could collide with earth in 2029. And, i also heard that a recent study shows that it will miss earth. Is it going to collide? I am worried about it even thought it is many years in the future. I am curious to know about it because i have been stressing about it for a while. I would really appreciate it if I could get a response.

The asteroid 99942 was discovered in 2004 and there were some initial concerns that it may hit the Earth during a close pass on 13 April 2029. The asteroid or space rock is believed to be about 250 metres wide and would hit the Earth at 12.5 km per second. It would cause nasty damage over a large area, but, fortunately, it is not big enough to create a long-term global disaster.

Astronomers have extensively observed the asteroid since it was discovered. They have now refined its path and found that though it will come very close in 2029 – below the level of geosynchronous satellites – it will miss the Earth. People with binoculars in some parts of the globe, but not Australia, will have an exciting view of Apophis racing across the sky.

So don’t worry Naomi, there is no chance of an impact in 2029. Seven years later in 2036 there could be an impact, luckily though the chances of it happening are extremely low.

5 responses to “A close miss expected in 2029

  • I am worried about the 99942 Apophis near by
    Fortunately, Scientists say it will be a near miss in both years
    please dont get worried because earth will be too quick for the asteroid
    remember Earth orbits the sun at 600 km/h

    • No, There is no need to worry about 99942 Apophis. It is not going to hit Earth. But the Earth moves around the Sun at about 30 km per second or over 100,000 km per hour!

  • Caro Nick,
    Por gentileza poderia informar sobre a existência de algum asteroide com propabilidade de colisão com a terra no ano de 2011.


  • Hello Naomi

    The asteroid you maybe referring to is 2003 QQ47. Just after it was discovered scientists thought that there was a very slight chance of a collision in 2014. Fortunately, as they continued to observe its position, its future orbit became clearer and we now know that it will miss the Earth.

    There are new asteroids discovered all the time, some of which have small risks associated with them. For example, 2007 FT3, a 340-metre wide chunk of rock first observed on 20 March this year, has a 1 in 169,492,000 chance of collision in October 2013. Such a low a chance should not keep anyone awake at night!


  • Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for that Nick. I am so relieved now and I know I’m getting a proper response to my question. I also heard that another asteroid could hit Earth in 2014 but the chances are 1 in 909,000. Could you shed any light on that?

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