A Wonderful Lunar Eclipse

August 29, 2007

What a wonderful night it was! 1300 people attended Sydney Observatory for its August 28 Eclipse night. The temperature was just right, there were no clouds and nature put on a beautiful show backed by Jazz from Music with Panache and coffee from Cafe Express. Hopefully everyone had a great time.

Here are a few images of the night.

Some of the crowd relaxing on blankets

The beautiful full Moon on the rise

It begins









And as it starts to end

A very happy team member, me :)

…and here are some images from other keen observers

Anita Tang
The image above was sent in by Anita Tang who said “…I don’t have a DSLR and flashy equipment and such, so it’s shot using a Canon G5 balanced on top of the car roof!”
Well done Anita!

Kerry Schneider
This one is from Kerry Schneider and is no doubt bound to cause some interest especially considering the Mars Hoax information circulating at present. Explanations? Possible double exposure or substanstial shake? I don’t know. It looks cool though.

Sonia and Stuart Powell
Sometimes it is great to get additional subject matter in the photo. Sonia and Stuart Powell managed to capture the Moon and a UFO? Not quite just a plane that happned to be in the right place at the right time.

Jane Donald
This image from Jane Donald is very artistic. I love it! I think the effect is caused by zooming during a long exposure.

Jane Donald
Another from Jane. Nope it’s not a Blue Moon but an interanl reflection within the lens.

Jane Donald
Lastly from Jane a more traditional photo of the eclipsed Moon.

Rosanne Standfield
Here’s one from Rosanne Standfield

Sanjay Khanna
Another artful composite. This time from Sanjay Khana between the 7:31 and 10:21pm

Grant Bewert
Thanks to Grant Bewert for this one taken during totallity

Finally here is a brief animation of the whole eclipse


5 responses to “A Wonderful Lunar Eclipse

  • Thanks for wonderful night, and joyful communication!! 😉

    16 inch Dobsonian, that was a kind of dream for me.
    The idea of moon phasing projection on a wall, that was also great.

    During the total eclipse, I was enjoyed also the stars
    in ‘south’ sky, The Scorpio in reversed, in high altitude,
    Centaur alpha, beta, and of course southern cross.

    See you guys, someday.


  • Brilliant sequence – Would you mind sharing some of your exposure data?
    I ‘m keen to know the exposure difference (theoretical ASA, shutter speeds and aperture)
    between the first moon shot (It Begins) and the shot at totality (moon 5e).
    If you are up to it how about exposure data on moons 5a,b.c,and d!!!!

    Here’s hoping,

  • Very nice sequence of photos!! In Melbourne here we had cloud nearly all the way to totality, but when the cloud cleared nearly the whole time to the end, it was an awesome sight!! Now cant wait for the Solar one in a few years!!

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