Sydney’s highest heritage landmark

150th anniversary graphic

Today saw the completion of the new southern flagmast thanks to a skilled team of craftsmen led by George Oxenbridge with the support of the Bruce & Joy Reid Foundation. At 30 m tall it replaces the one removed in 1939 and will, without doubt, become a new Sydney landmark. In fact we believe it is now the highest heritage landmark in the Sydney CBD. By the way some of the craftsmen kissed the truck (the red cap at the very top) before it went up and then splashed some rum onto the mast once it was complete, before drinking the rest of course.

A full display of traditional and unique astronomical flags will be ready to fly on June 7th and visitors to our celebrations will be able to pick up a flag decoder to help read the flags daily messages.

Southern flagmast

Southern flagmast
Southern flagmast being raised
Southern flagmast being raised

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  • It looks spectacular from the bridge! Cant wait to see the flags on it – a real accomplishment for the makers and a tribute to Reid Foundation for giving Sydney back a significant landmark.

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