Letter by H C Russell, 19 June 1871

Letter by H C Russell, 19 June 1871


Sydney Observatory
19 June 1871

Dear Sir

I have been so very busy for last few days that I could not write in re Time Ball. But will be glad if you will get it repaired as reasonably as possible to make a good job of it; it would be well to put a piece of Zinc?? over the broken places and then fasten it down with the ends. I should think it might be managed so that only one day would be lost?? beginning directly after 1pm on one day would give that ?? all next day and following morning which ought to be enough.

It would be well at the same time to have the rope adjusted so that the Ball could not fall more than about 7 feet leaving the other 2 feet to be launched?? by hand. If a coat of paint is required on the Ball please have it put on.

Yours very truly
H. C. Russell

C. N. Ambrose Esqre