Festival of the Stars 2008

The weather reports for the last week or so have been something along these lines;
Fine and sunny.
Fine and sunny,
Fine and sunny,
Fine and sunny,
Fine and sunny,
Fine and sunny,
RAIN, cloudy then clear, and
Fine and sunny.

Can you guess which two nights the Festival of the Stars fell on?

Sadly, Friday night was 90% cloudy after heavy rain falls all day but when it did clear the view of Jupiter was nothing less than spectacular for the 300 visitors that came along.

Saturday was much better. Although cloudy for most of the day it did clear for a beautiful night from about 5pm onwards. 900 people came along and had a most wonderful evening.

Here are some pictures.
Part of the Sydney Observatory team

Viewing Saturn from the western side of the site

Enjoying the Frozen Space Liquid Nitrogen Show

Viewing Jupiter from the eastern lawn

This wonderful creation, in place for the entire school holidays, shows the stars as seen from Sydney on the 5th of June 1858 when Sydney Observato...

The ever favourite activity for kiddies and adults alike, face painting!

Jupiter in Sagittarius

The Observatory was a beautiful sight in the dimmed light of Sydney's CBD.

The noticably darkened CBD, thank you!

Sadly a few of the North Sydney buildings forgot to turn off the lights, oh dear!

Searching for aliens in our mock Martian environment is always fun.

Friday's guest lecturer was Professor Michael Burton from the UNSW talked about astronomy from Antarctica and Saturday's lectures by Dr Naomi McClu...

Music with Panache added a wonderful touch to the night.

…and finally I must thank Gretchen Klees from Augustana College in the United States who worked as our intern in January this year who did much of the groundwork for this event. Thankyou Gretchen and thanks to the RTA, Sydney Opera House and the major buildings in the CBD and North Sydney that cooperated by turning unneeded exterior lights off for our Festival of the Stars 2008.


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