Letter by H C Russell, 21 July 1874

Letter by H C Russell, 21 July 1874


Govt Observatory
21st July 1874


I have the honor to request that you will put round the Observatory enclosure a galvanised Iron fence on stone foundation to replace the present fence which has to be removed on account of the improvements to the Flagstaff Reserve.

The present fence is almost worn out, and to replace it in wood would in the end be more expedient than the Iron fence now asked for. It is important that the new fence should be put up as soon as possible as there is a no place to put the old Dome until the enclosure is made and the Contractor talks of getting ready to take the old Dome down at the end of this month.

I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant
H G Russell
Govt Astronomer

The Colonial Architect