Letter by H C Russell, 15 August 1871

Letter by H C Russell, 15 August 1871


15 August 1871


I have to request your attention to the following instructions relative to your rainfall observations as all your results for rain ?? in July have to be rejected owing to the want of accuracy.


When rain has fallen the funnel?? tap is to be taken off and the water in the rain gauge poured into the glass measure and the number of divisions of the glass which are covered are to be entered in the proper place simply as a number not decimals. Should there be more water than is required to fill the glass measure to 50, fill the glass to 50 empty it and fill again as often as you have water to do it, allowing?? also the water ?? which?? number?? increases?? covers?? and later?? them in the proper place. Example. Suppose you have filled the glass to 50 twice and the remainder covers thirtythree (33) then the total will be 50+50+33 = 133.

When snow falls measure with a rule in some open place the depth in inches and fractions of an inch and record the amount in your records?? not in the column for rain.

On the first opportunity you have put the raingauge without the funnel top into a scales?? and weigh it carefully. Then fill it with snow and weigh it again and send me both results by telegram as soon as is possible.

I have the honour to be
H C Russell
Govt Astronomer

Station Master