Letter by R P Sellors to H C Russell, 29 August 1891

Letter by R P Sellors, 29 August 1891Letter by R P Sellors, 29 August 1891


Aug 29 [18]91

To the Gov. Astronomer


I have the honour to ask that you will be pleased to recommend to the Hon. the Minister for Public Instruction …… the sum of ₤50 per annum be allowed me as quarterage.

As my duties as Astronomical Observer require my presence at the Observatory on five evenings as well as during the day, and occasionally at hours of the night when no public conveyances are running my travelling and other expenses are thus necessarily much increased.

I may respectfully draw your attention to the fact that such an allowance has already been granted to the Assistant Astronomer on similar grounds.

I have the honour to remain,
R. P. Sellors

[Mr] Sellors asks for the same allowance as Mr Leneham…. an account of extra duty at night. as [sic] he has quite….. much to do; I have much pleasure in recommending that the request be granted.

HCR 16-9-91

[Another note, presumably further to previous letter, on next page:]

A. S. Wilson is getting on very satisfactorily in his work and fully deserves an increase. I therefore recommend that his salary be increased to £50.