Letter by H A Lenehan to H C Russell, 30 August 1887

Letter by H A Lenehan to H C Russell, 30 August 1887
Letter by H A Lenehan to H C Russell, 30 August 1887

Sydney Observatory
August 30th 1887

My dear Mr Russell

I recd from the Dept of Public Instruction a few days ago the bill of ?? for ‘Rediess’ Barograph which came to hand yesterday and was found on unpacking and putting together to be all right and is now recording the daily curve. I have placed it in the barometer room between the new man + Tornaghi and it will form an attraction and useful instrument in the Observatory.

I send herewith a slip of information I supplied the Herald with and published yesterday to which you will see we have had a remarkably wet year and I hope before you return to collect more information from the country people on the matter.

I am sending by the outgoing mail to San Francisco the information just to hand from Mr McNerrow?? of New Zealand about the determinations of position asked for by Professor Harkness – this will complete as far as possible the information desired by him.

Wilson has been away from work for the last week – a doctor’s certificate from him states he is suffering from inflammation of the knee and cannot put his foot to the ground.

It is very inconvenient especially as Sunday was wet. I had to see about the firing of time gun. I nearly had a hitch today with the time ball the pinion wheel got locked in the rack + I had to hammer it out just before time only ten seconds to spare.

I hear you will be returning by the ?? so it will be useless me writing again, the Cabinet yesterday decided that the hours of Office all through the year should be 9am until 4.30pm with ¾ hour for dinner. There is nothing to report. Matters going on all right.

With kindest regards
Yours faithfully
H. A. Lenehan