Letter by H C Russell, 7 September 1872

Letter by H C Russell, 7 September 1872

7 September

Dear Sir

I very much regret that an oversight on my part should have given you so much trouble about my subscription. I thought I had paid all when I sent the amounts you have acknowledged.

I herewith enclose 6s and will make a note to send guineas and not pounds in future.

I have filled in the enclosed form so ?? it was Mr Mac??’s wish to be proposed by Mr Browning of London but mail before?? lack?? he got a letter from Mr Browning ?? was?? before me. In it Mr Browning says: ‘The ?? ?? will not allow his becoming a member, any person to be eligible as a member must at the time live in England – foreign members are always Honorary Associates and there will be no chance of getting your son on in that level as we allow only persons who have rendered some eminent service to the sciences”.

After reading this I gave the matter up until your letter made me think there must be some mistake. I shall be glad if you will explain the matter to me.

Yours truly
H C Russell

John Williams Esqre