Letter by H A Lenehan, 11 September 1887

Letter by H A Lenehan, 11 September 1887


Sydney Observatory
Sept 11th 1887

Dear Mr Wragge

Thanks for your kind attention to the matter of the delayed telegrams. On the day I missed you Mr Wilson the acting assistant superintendent to whom I applied at our telegraph office said the delay was at your end of line & quoted the time they were despatched from the Brisbane office in proof of it – however the very next day I had occasion to draw his attention to a local delay where the message had been filed and delayed at the Sydney office for over 3 hours, since then they have arrived in good time, and I sincerely hope the waking up and trouble caused each of us will expedite matters in the future. I have also to thank you for meteorological chart of 3rd Inst and congratulate you on the very complete way in which it is put up – Mr Egeson asks me if you could send a daily copy at end of month? It would help him to work out his storm curves, he spends nearly all his spare hours at home in tracing coincidences of the courses of these depressions under different conditions, he is I must say a regular enthusiast and goes into his work thoroughly.

A little time ago I asked for any information that would enable me to answer a question relative to the rainfall at or near Cooper’s Creek and a memo from you led me to expect some data which has not yet turned up. The person who wants this information (“a friend”) whenever he meets me is abusing me for not letting him know what can be expected in that locality.

We have a new Reider’s self recording Barometer at work for the last fortnight. It gives splendid results, very sensitive & is the best thing I have seen in the self recording line; scale magnified, so that each tenth of an inch is equal to about 5/8 of an inch. I suppose you know the instruments, they have been in use a long time in Europe, it is one of Mr Russell’s purchases in England.

Brooks will be near your border in a few weeks. He is now at Balina at the Trig work. –

Yours very truly
H. A. Lenehan