Letter by G R Smalley, 15 September 1869

Letter by G R Smalley, 15 September 1869
Letter by G R Smalley, 15 September 1869


Sept 15th [186]9

My dear Sir

In my last but one I omitted a very important point ?? to have the nightcaps of the stones placed on the top after the pillars have been lodged on the foundations but I am afraid that the stone cutter here did not ?? any marks on the nightcaps to correspond with the markers/numbers?? of the stones; however the first thing will be for Priest to try?? these cond?? commencing with No 1 and if none of them quite fit to make it do so as near as possible but by ?? to cement it to the pillar but ?? to leave it on to protect the ?? plate. My dray might then take the remaining ?? down the line and go through the same process with the rest of the pillars but take care that there is no fixing/firing??. I hope that Priest is not employing any workmen of his own to lodge the pillars on the foundations there is plenty of force amongst my own men and “Pawels”?? Paddock can wait. I hope when I come up I shall find all the pillars upon their bases in the approximate positions that I have indicated. I presume that you have had the horses worked??, Punch & Katie shod and that the dray is perfectly safe and sound. but you have not attended to either of these matters in your letters with regard to care??. if you cannot get any hay say one handle?? then get some corn from Bungendore for Punch, Darkie and Katie must be at once got into working condition.

My Plan will be for one of the men to take the dray down to Goulburn and carry some of the heavy instruments and for another to take my wagon for myself and some of the lighter and more delicate instruments. Would Coll be competent to take the dray then Woodlands might take my wagon. Let me know this by return but I hope to give final instructions by Fridays mail and I trust to be up about the middle of next week.

With Regard to the water you spoke of in one of the foundations, cannot it be let off without much labor or loss of time, as I do not think we shall have very much more rain.

Yours truly
George R Smalley



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