Letter by H C Russell, 20 September 1870

Letter by H C Russell, 20 September 1870
Letter by H C Russell, 20 September 1870


Govt Observatory
Sydney September 20 1870

Mr J Browning

Dear Sir

By last mail to England I wrote to you requesting you to send me a spectroscope suited to a Refracting Telescope of 7¼ aperture and 10 feet 4 inches focal length suited to general work but specially stars and comets also a glass prism 1¼ inch plane face for same instrument (Sun observations).

Since writing that letter I find it will accord better with the Government practice to order these things through the Colonial Agent in London. I have therefore sent an order for the same instruments officially through him and I write now that you may not be led to send two instruments instead of one.

It was necessary for me to state the price of the instruments and I have set the spectroscope at 35 and the prism at 3 and the cost of packing 2 making together 40. I should be obliged if you will render your account to the Colonial Agent in accordance with the above, and if the cost is a few 2 or 3 pounds in excess send the bill to me direct for the excess of ??. The Colonial Agent for New South Wales in London will pay your account to the extent of ?? I shall be glad If you will send with the spectroscope such instructions as you think necessary and which are not in “Res??” Book.

I think that paper next to the instruments is better than cotton wool or anything of that sort for the packing and often instruments received here from Europe are seriously injured by the packing.

I would like to have the things sent by ?? mail.

After our consideration I have determined to send you the ?? piece of wood which has been screwed into the sliding piece of the Equatorial and will enable you to adapt the spectroscope before sending it.

Perhaps it is well I should say again for fear the previous letter has not reached you, that I leave it entirely to your judgement what form of spectroscope you will send, knowing that I want it for general Observatory work but principally as before stated for stars and Comets.

I have the honor to be
H C Russell
Govt Astronomer