Letter by H C Russell, 12 October 1870

Letter by H C Russell, 12 October 1870

October 12th [187]0

J D Osborne Esqre

Dear Sir

I regret that circumstances have prevented me from answering your letter of Sept 29th sooner. I have had considerable difficulty in finding out the reason that you have not been paid before; it is simply that the voucher has been lost in some way which I cannot find out. I sent it to the Treasury on the 21st of July last with a request that it might be paid as you had been waiting upwards of 2 months for some of it. From that time I have lost all trace of it.

Fortunately I retained the duplicate which I have sent to the Treasury and hope to forward you a cheque for the money on Friday next.

I am the most annoyed about it because I put myself out of the?? course to get you the money ?? some accident or ?? the trouble has been wasted.

Yours very truly
H. C. Russell