Letter by W Scott, 21 October 1857

Letter by W Scott, 21 October 1857


11 Macquarie St. South
Sydney Oct. 21st 1857


In reply to your letter of 20th Inst I have the honour to inform you that no instruments have been ordered for the Observatory from Messrs Troughton and Simms; one Instrument has been sent to them for repairs at an estimated cost of ₤200, but I have had no advice of its being shipped for Sydney.

Certain Instruments were shipped for Sydney by Messrs Negritti & Zambra each in 1856, whose cost amounted to about ₤175, which may be the Instruments alluded to by the Auditor General: I have not however received any Invoice nor do I know by what ship they were forwarded.
I have the honour to be
Your most obedient Servant
W Scott

J. N. Barlow Esq.