Letter by H C Russell, 26 October 1870

Letter by H C Russell, 26 October 1870
Letter by H C Russell, 26 October 1870


Sydney Observatory 1870
26 October 1870

My dear Adams

We estimate the weight of Standard Bar and moving part of platform as between 4 & 5 cwt. The Tower part of platform is cemented to the floor and it would be a pity to take it up if I am to ?? the bar here to keep, as to packing it I think it will travel safest packed in sawdust as we received it and as it is usual to pack glass tubes &c.

I have given Tornaghi order ?? about the outside ?? and packing for the ?? & stand, the chronometer he is to send here to be rated till it starts.

I think you over estimate the error that may be made with the Bar microscopes provided proper care is taken, and even if the error was a thousandth of an inch and always in one way it would only be (528 thousandths) of an inch in a mile and a possible maximum error of ½ an in a mile is very small, but if you take into consideration that the probability (I would almost say certainty) is that there will be as many errors one way as the other that you might take the resulting error as nothing. I should like to and I hope I shall see your observatory for ?? …. go for a trip as soon as I can get started.

If we designed for my own use an observing tent with wooden ??lding frame but what the ??ight will be I cannot tell till it is finished.

I made enquiry and find Miss Smalley got your letter but I think there was some delay about. I had a note from her the other day and she tells me Willie has got through all his money so it is clear he will have to make tracks somewhere.

Believe me
Yours very truly
H. C. Russell