Letter by H C Russell, 30 October 1875

Letter by H C Russell, 30 October 1875

30 October [187]5

My dear Sir

I acknowledge with many thanks your valuable letter of August 18th. It will I have no doubt induce the people here to take still more interest in astronomy, and it shall not be for want of effort on my part if we do not do our best [in the??] future, especially with regard to the particular objects you mention. We have two well mounted Equatorials of 11½in and 7¼ inches apertures, and early next year I hope to have the new Transit Circle from Mr Simms. With these we ought to be able to make good observations and ensure accurate star positions.

Since my return on the 15th inst I have been looking up our Moon culminations, and I find we still want the Moon’s ?? places, or the errors of Moon’s Tabular R A and of stars observed with the Moon for the dates in 1873 & 1874 given on the enclosed list.

May I ask you to have these sent to me. By continuing all our results, I hope to get a more satisfactory Longitude.

The Scale Photos for Transit of Venus and the rest of the photos during Transit I hope to send soon.

I am dear Sir
Yours very faithfully
H. C. Russell

Sir G. B. Airy
Astronomer Royal