Letter by H C Russell, 2 November 1870

Letter by H C Russell, 2 November 1870


Sydney Observatory
2 November 1870

My dear Adams

I shall be glad to meet you at Bars?? but I cannot say the day for My Transit has been delayed at Tornaghi’s to get Cary done I was there yesterday and it was not finished nor do I think it will be for two or three days yet, the Packing is arranged and he has the Bases and cork chip I have also both Boxes ready for the Standard Bar as soon as Tornaghi can come to pack it. I had a letter from my brother but he does not say when he is coming down.

Would it not do to put a long glass in the levels?? Smalley had made I do not thin they can be got ready made. I have a lot of ?? here making alterations and repairs and I wish them at ?? they interfere so with the work.

Believe me
Yours very truly
H C Russell