Letter by H C Russell, 10 December 1889

Letter by H C Russell, 10 December 1889

10th Dec 1889

Frank Jones Esqre

Dear Sir

Many thanks for your note about the meteor. On the enclosed map I have marked down the directions in which different observers saw the meteor, and you will see that ??, Grafton, Armidale, Tenterfield, Emmaville??, Bingara and Campo Santo, though quite independent: agree in fixing the point somewhere between Barraba & Narrabri, and if you would kindly mark a line on the map in the direction in which you saw it, I should be very much obliged to you. It is rather strange that no one who has yet written to me about it mentions any noise yet it is more than probable there was a noise. If you can will you in addition to the direction tell me what it looked like and more particularly how high up it seemed to be. Was it 1/3 of the distance from horizon to Zenith or how much?

I hope you will not note me a trouble but to fix the point where a meteor fell is a matter of very great interest to me.

Yours very truly
H. C. Russell