Letter by H C Russell, 28 December 1874

Letter by H C Russell, 28 December 1874


Govt Observatory
28th December 1874


I have the honor to request authority to sell the following Instruments which are of no use to the Observatory now that the Transit of Venus is over.

5 inch telescope and stand
4¼ inch “ “
10¾ inch silvered glass reflector & stand
2 small Equatorial stands
2 Temporary wooden observatories??
8 observing incliners
3 small canvas observatories
16 Photographic dark slides

These instruments will sell for more than the amount still due for Transit of Venus expenses but the Auditor General tells me that they cannot be sold to pay those expenses: but must be paid into Treasury in cash.

I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant
H C Russell
Govt Astronomer
The Under Secretary
For Justice & Public Instruction