Letter by H C Russell, 12 January 1891

Letter by H C Russell, 12 January 1891


Janry 12th

My Dear Sir

I have just received yours of 7th Instant and hope that ere this you you [sic] have received a supply of forms. Thermometers I shall be able to send to you shortly.

In entering the rain please omit the Decimal points. in the return just ….. you give for; September rain .177
October .100
November .187
December .1024
as we use the decimals this would mean that only one tenth of an inch fell in December and you say that rain fell heavily during the month of December. If the decimals are omitted as requested in our instructions then 1024 would mean 10 and a quarter inches of rain which would of course be heavy rain but as it stands a tenth of an inch would mean a very dry month.

Yours very truly
H.C. Russell