Letter by H C Russell, 14 January 1891

Letter by H C Russell, 14 January 1891

Janry 14th
Montague Petch Esqre
Bercham Park

Dear Sir

I regret to hear that you got no reply to a letter of yours last year; I make it a rule to reply to such letters myself and think a reply must have been sent. I am sending you with this a copy of the last published Rain Book that for 1889 we are hard at work at that for 1890 now and the returns are not all in yet. As soon as it is printed I will send you a copy.

Please do not address me as Sir I have no right to that tittle [sic], or any other before my name. I suppose you may have seen that I was made C.M.G if this is used at all: the letters are simply put after the name.

Yours very truly
H.C. Russell