Letter by H C Russell, 15 January 1891

Letter by H C Russell, 15 January 1891
Letter by H C Russell, 15 January 1891


Janry 15

My dear Ellery

I am sending you with this a photograph of the mounting I have had made for the Astrophoto work. The telescope is of course 11ft 4in long and the girders are 2in x 12 in x 15 feet. These dimensions will be a guide in looking at the photo. The moving parts weigh past two tons, and move with great smoothness an [sic] ease. The driving clock weight is 80lbs descending 5ft per hour.

I have been waiting to send you a full Set of the Milky Way photos but they [sic] printer Has delayed getting them together very much but they will be done soon now and I will send them at once.

If you have a photo of your astrophoto glass I should be very glad to have one to see how Grubb had carried it out.

I have been working away at the focus of mine and find it is very sharp and good but I do not think it is so aplanatic as the one at Paris. When there they gave me a positive of a star cluster and in it the definition is sharp over a wider field than it is in mine. however that may have been done but making it a little inside the focus in centre. and I have not tried that yet.

In July last I sent the money to admiral Mauchez for a réseau, and have not got it yet. Have you got yours if so I should be so much obliged if you would send me a contact print from it. I had thought of rulling [sic] one myself, not with the intention of using it for measures, but simply to get into the way of using it.

I hope Mrs Ellery has quite recovered please remember me very kindly to her. ?? invalid after 13 months in her room is getting about again and seems quite well. In a few days [s]he is to go to the country for a long change.

Yours faithfully
HC Russell

P.S. I see the photo Committee have put you Gill & I together and seem to think that it will be an advantage so that we can arrange for the overlapping photos. I wish they would start that New Zealand Observatory and take a share of the Astro photo work I have got more than I wanted fancy 1400 photos twice over + all the failures from Clouds & C.